We want Bournville to be a World Heritage Site

Like so many residents we believe that Bournville is one of the most unique places in the world.

We believe this uniqueness should be recognised by attempting to have Bournville nominated as a World Heritage Site.

World Heritage Sites are those sites felt by the United Nations UNESCO organisation to be sites in the world of outstanding cultural value.

The Pyramids in Egypt and the Taj Mahal in India are known to us all. However, what is less well known is that in the UK we already have 27 World Heritage sites such as the Derwent Valley Mills, Iron Bridge, Saltaire and of course Stonehenge.

We are convinced that Bournville's unique cultural and industrial history and outstanding architecture makes it an ideal candidate to become another UK based World Heritage Site.

It will not be easy and it will not be quick. It could take many years trying to overcome the various hurdles and even then we could fail. However, the prize would allow Bournville to join a unique world club of heritage sites. The enhanced status would also give greater protection to Bournville, dramatically enhance its reputation and lead to greater investment in the area.

What do you think? We are very interested to know at this stage what residents feel about this proposal.

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