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Bournville Ward profile

The Bournville council ward is in south-west Birmingham, roughly four miles from the city centre. It is flanked by the Brandwood ward, the Kings Norton ward, the Selly Oak ward, the Weoley ward and the Moseley & Kings Heath ward. The Bournville ward contains the areas of Bournville, Cotteridge and parts of Stirchley and Kings Norton. There are approximately 27,000 people resident in the Bournville ward. The population density is roughly 40 persons per hectare compared to an average of around 36.5 for Birmingham as a whole. The average age is 32 compared to 36 for the city as a whole.

The white British population accounts for around 83% of all residents. Approximately 4% of the population is of Asian origin with roughly 1.5% from Pakistan, 2% from India and 0.5% from Bangladesh. Around 3% of the population is black, including 2% of Afro-Caribbean descent. 5% are white non-British (including Irish), 4% are of mixed race, and 1% are of Chinese origin or belong to some other ethnic poki poki online group. These estimates may differ from official census data which is now several years out of date and which was collated in respect of different ward boundaries.

The Bournville ward contains the Cadbury village established in 1893 by George and Richard Cadbury to "alleviate the evils of cramped living conditions". This low-density model village, now managed by the Bournville Village Trust, has expanded considerably in the past century and now contains around 7,800 homes distributed over 1000 acres. These include a large number of older terraces and semi-detached homes, many of which were individually designed in the arts and crafts style. The post-war stock features a large number of detached houses built by Bryant in the 1970's. The Bournville ward also contains rows of higher density pre-1919 terraces and an interwar council estate, mainly of semi-detached pairs, at Stirchley. The rate of owner occupation in Bournville is around 65%. Roughly 8% of homes are rented from private landlords and around 25% from the local authority or housing associations.

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scrap the garden tax

Vote to scrap the garden tax

While charging residents to collect green waste, failing to stand up for people who work hard, save and do the right thing, they've chosen to protect:

  • £1.7 million for taxpayer funded Trade Union offices
  • £2 million for Euopean and Equalities Officers
  • £3.8 million per year on council "policy officers"
  • £37 million on council employee sick days
  • £63 million on wheelie bins

Saving less than 5% from all these items would mean the council could scrap the garden tax, bring back bin bags and restore street cleaning to our suburbs.

The clear choice this May

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