Speeding traffic on Linden Road

A few weeks ago another crash took place on the Linden Road. A car ploughed into the railings just by the bus stop on Linden Road opposite the Christmas Tree. The car was a write off. We are not aware of any injuries, but we may be mistaken, we hope not.

However, this is not the first time a serious road accident has occurred on this stretch of Linden Road between the Selly Oak end and the area by the church and park caused by speeding vehicles. It seems that it is too easy to speed down this section of road.

Your Conservative councillors are very concerned about this matter. They are well aware of how busy and popular the area can be at the bottom of Linden Road with the presence of the schools, the church, the park and the entrance to Cadbury World. They are also acutely aware of the location of the very well used pelican crossing.

They will be urging the city's Highways Department to assess this part of the Linden Road using the accident statistics. They will be asking for recommendations both to reduce traffic speed and to improve pedestrian safety.

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