Stirchley High Street: we need a plan

Stirchley is a wonderful place to live. Great housing, good transport links and wonderful parks. However parts of the High Street are still in decline particularly the north end where Tesco is intending to build a supermarket in 2017.

Many shop premises are closed and large tracts of the High Street are closed off and being prepared for demolition.

This look of decline is discouraging new investment and new jobs in Stirchley.

  • We need to persuade Tesco to bring forward their move to Stirchley.

    Tesco have told us they despite their own financial problems they still intend to come to Stirchley in 2017.

    We need to convince Tesco to bring forward their plans and come to Stirchley now! We have already waited 15 years. Too much in Stirchley is now dependant on Tesco.

    Councillors, retailers and the Council need to work together to persuade Tesco.

  • We need to encourage the retailers in Stirchley to cooperate together and to do more for the high street. The retailers can make a huge difference if they cooperate together. Helping with the removal of graffiti and litter and the maintenance of shop fronts could all make a difference to the look and feel of the High Street. They could also help fund hanging flower baskets. For the first time in 8 years there were no hanging flower baskets along the High street, Most other shopping high streets in Birmingham had hanging baskets this summer.

  • The Labour City Council needs to stop ignoring Stirchley and step in to help support the High Street through development grants to help improve the look of the High Street. The council could also help to develop certain sites on the high street as shopper car parks, such as the old Kwiksave site.

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