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Catch up, it's next week already - Bournville Conservatives

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Rob's Blog

Catch up, it's next week already

Last week was a fairly busy one for a number of reasons. Firstly it was a week of trying to catch up as I wasn't in Birmingham the week before. Thankfully I have some excellent colleagues who picked a large amount of issues up for me whilst I was away, but there were still a large number of emails waiting for me on my return.

Monday and Tuesday daytimes were speant almost solidly trying to catch up on emails and calls, but that wasn't all there was to deal with. On Monday evening, I attended a meeting at the Bournville Village Trust offices to discuss some ways in which we can improve the visibility of the great work done by local residents association, Bournville Village Council. There will be more about the Village Council over the coming weeks I'm sure, but it was a very productive meeting. 

On Wednesday afternoon I attended a meeting at Dame Elizabeth Hall regarding the future use of the hall and looking at ways to improve the use of the hall for community groups, individuals and companies. There were some excellent ideas, some of which are already starting to happen. Later on Wednesday was the Masefield and Ingoldsby Housing Liaison Board meeting where we discussed a number of housing and other issues relating to the local area and there were also discussions about contractor performance in terms of job completion for tenants. Following on from that, I had a meeting at the Constituency office where we had a number of discussions about what's going on in the wards that make up the Selly Oak Constituency. 

Thursday evening was spent delivering leaflets in the pouring rain. It just shows that it doesn't matter what the weather, if there's something that we need to let you know about, we're out there working hard to represent you. Our team delivered over a thousand leaflets, so please accept my apologies if you had a soggy leaflet from us, we did try to keep them as dry as possible.

Friday ended up being a sad day. As many of you will have heard or seen in the media, at around 7:45pm a man from Bromsgrove was stabbed before having his car stolen from Knighton Road opposite Manor Vets on Bunbury Road. This was a shocking incident and whilst thankfully the victim has been released from hospital it has still raised a lot of local concern. Following the incident, I arranged to meet police to discuss the incident. I've now had that meeting, and the police investigation is progressing well. The police have also said that this incident does not appear to be part of any pattern of similar incidents and is for the moment being treated as a one-off incident. I hope the victim recovers quickly, and that the police are able to apprehend and charge the attacker very soon.    

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