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A Rare Occurrence

There's not a lot to report for last week as it was one of those rare times where I wasn't in or around Bournville. Not having had a holiday this year, I took a well earned break last week. Since I got back on Sunday, I've been working through various emails and messages to get back up to date and the majority of last weeks' messages seemed to be that despite a supposed return to "normal collections on the correct day", it seems that recycling and general waste were still being combined in the same vehicle, and in other areas recycling just wasn't collected. All residents really want (and deserve) is a return to regular weekly waste collections. Lets hope that this happens sooner rather than later, but with a pending High Court hearing and unions planning for a possible 3 month strike, we really could return to a winter of discontent.

Until the end of the week, take care.



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