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Waste dispute set to continue until September - Bournville Conservatives

Birmingham City Council Conservative Group has slammed the Labour administration for failing to collect residents refuse during the on-going strike chaos. 


Figures recently released by the City Council revealed that the weekend special clean up managed to gather only 222 tonnes of waste from the 2333 tonnes of refuse that was uncollected last week. This means that 2111 tonnes of waste a week is building up on the streets of Birmingham for every week the strike is on-going under the Council's current failing contingency plans. This is equal to the weight of 140 double decker buses or 20 blue whales being left on the streets by the Labour Council each week.


This followed press reports that the growing mountain of waste across the City is leaving residents as risk of a wave of rats infesting local streets.


The chaos of the continued failure by Labour to run the Council properly is now being seen all across the City as 140 double decker buses worth of waste is going uncollected every week. It is not good enough for Labour to just be sitting in the Council House hoping the issues go away. They need to get a grip of this, bring in extra resources and get our City clean. 


Cllr Robert Alden, leader of the Conservative Group, said "If the Council doesn't start taking proper action we will have a major health issue in the City as some household waste has now been uncollected for over 5 weeks and residents are reporting incidents of maggots, rats and flies infesting some of the waste now. This is totally unacceptable and residents deserve a proper service now and the Council need to urgently get the bins cleared and all the side waste that has built up due to the strike cleared as well".




Refuse collection figures:-

Council special clean up by '52 crews' cleared 222 tonnes of waste

Average collection of household waste per normal working day - 1400 tonnes

impact of three hour strike is 466 tonnes per three hour strike

Weekly impact of strike - 2333 tonnes of uncollected waste

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