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What next for Stirchley? - Bournville Conservatives

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Bournville: heritage phone boxes

Our heritage phone boxes and post boxes are being neglected in Bournville. Your Conservative Councillors are going to do something about it.

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Stirchley: the restoration of the Stirchley Baths

The restoration of the Stirchley Baths site gathers pace and is on course for a early November opening. Closed by Labour over 25 years ago it is Conservative Councillors who have made this possible.

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Cotteridge : new road build outs

The new road build outs are almost finished in the Cotteridge Shopping Centre, making it a little safer for pedestrians and a little more pleasent for our shoppers.

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Bournville : keeping graffiti at bay

Because of cuts in street cleaning by Birmingham's Labour council we are beginning to see the return of graffiti. Your local Conservative team is determined to do something about it even if we have to clean off the graffiti ourselves

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Stirchley : Finally, the building of the Tesco Superstore in Stirchley will begin this spring.

The next stage in the regeneration of Stirchley is about to begin, offering new employment opportunities for local people.

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Stirchley: The Hazelwell Pub

Bournville: Kingsley Road

Bournville: The yachting pool

Stirchley: River Rea walkway by Cartland Road

Stirchley Valley

A wonderful image showing the dominance of the Cadbury buildings on the valley horizon.

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After the devastating news earlier this year that Tesco are NOT going to build on the land in Stirchley which they have fought for over 13 years for the right to build on, residents are quite rightly angered by the decision and want to know, "what will happen to Stirchley now that Tesco aren't coming?"

Stirchley has two large sites suitable for redevelopment; one which Tesco had intended to build on, and another at the opposite end of Stirchley Village, just off Fordhouse lane - the site formerly occupied by Arvin Meritor. The Arvin Meritor site had already received outline planning permission for up to 100 houses to be built on the land, and developer Taylor Wimpey have already consulted with local residents of what their development might look like. It is expected that Taylor Wimpey will submit a planning application to Birmingham City Council very soon, and the land will be sold to the developer if permission is granted.

After the announcement that Tesco were not coming to Stirchley, Councillor Rob Sealey organised a public meeting for residents to speak with senior Council officers and to express their views on what should happen next. The general view was that if another supermarket could not be found, then a mixed use development with smaller retail units and housing, including an element of affordable housing would be a good alternative. Obviously the land is owned by Tesco, and they would have little interest in what any prospective purchaser would want to do with the land, but the City Council would look at any application in line with Birmingham's development plans and we would hope that this would also take into account residents views.

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