Bournville: heritage phone boxes

Our heritage phone boxes and post boxes are being neglected in Bournville. Your Conservative Councillors are going to do something about it.

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Stirchley: the restoration of the Stirchley Baths

The restoration of the Stirchley Baths site gathers pace and is on course for a early November opening. Closed by Labour over 25 years ago it is Conservative Councillors who have made this possible.

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Cotteridge : new road build outs

The new road build outs are almost finished in the Cotteridge Shopping Centre, making it a little safer for pedestrians and a little more pleasent for our shoppers.

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Bournville : keeping graffiti at bay

Because of cuts in street cleaning by Birmingham's Labour council we are beginning to see the return of graffiti. Your local Conservative team is determined to do something about it even if we have to clean off the graffiti ourselves

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Stirchley : Finally, the building of the Tesco Superstore in Stirchley will begin this spring.

The next stage in the regeneration of Stirchley is about to begin, offering new employment opportunities for local people.

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Stirchley: The Hazelwell Pub

Bournville: Kingsley Road

Bournville: The yachting pool

Stirchley: River Rea walkway by Cartland Road

Stirchley Valley

A wonderful image showing the dominance of the Cadbury buildings on the valley horizon.

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Planning application on Mary Vale Road

A planning application has been submitted for a 37 unit, block of flats on the corner of Mary Vale Road and Franklin Way.

The Conservative Team regards the application as an over-development of the site and regrets that it utilises a brutal, angular style of architecture as clearly shown in the artist's interpretation of how the development will eventually look.

Your Conservative councillors are objecting to a planning application, 2015/10296/PA, which has been submitted to develop the empty parking area on the corner of Mary Vale Road and Franklin Way.

The proposed building comprises 37 apartments (22, 1-bed, 15 2-bed and duplexes) and 35 underground parking spaces on the former car-park site.

However, although the city planners regard 35 parking spaces as adequate for a 37 dwelling development, there are some serious questions being asked by the Conservative Team.

The 15, 2-bedroomed dwellings could well eventually be sold with two parking spaces each. This would leave almost 15 single bedroomed dwellings being sold without a parking space and thus a potential burden to the already crowded roads around the development.

Full details can be viewed by selecting Planning at

Your Conservative team do not object to ‘housing’ being built but they do believe that this proposal is overdeveloping the site and, architecturally, is a brutal angular design, totally unsuitable for a site within the Bournville Village Conservation area.

We also believe that another 37 dwellings in addition to the 79 dwellings already being built as part of the conversion of Franklin House on Bournville Lane, will place undue strain on local resources.

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